Frequently Asked

How much do sessions cost?

All services are $110 a session.

Do you accept insurance?

At this time I do not accept insurance. There are many benefits to paying out of pocket including more confidential care. Insurance companies require a diagnosis to justify the treatment you need and it may become a part of your permanent record. Another reason paying out of pocket could be beneficial is when it comes to finding a therapist you want to find who is the best fit for you and not be limited by who your insurance wants you to see. If you still would like to receive some finical assistance from your insurance I can provide a superbill (documentation of the services you paid for) that you could bring to your insurance as out of network services. Talk with your insurance company to see what they would do with out of network claims.

How often can we meet?

I usually suggest weekly or biweekly sessions. If there a lower frequency you are hoping for it is possible to meet less however I cannot guarantee that you would have the same time slot each session.

What is confidentiality? What are the limitations?

Confidentiality is the promise that what is said in that room remains in that room. I will not tell anyone the identities of my clients as our relationship is professional and does not concern anyone else.There are a few limits to confidentiality as I am a mandated reporter. If at any time you reveal that you know of a child, elderly person, or disabled person being abused I am required to break confidentiality in order to file a report. Also if I receive a court order for all my documentation, I will have to break confidentiality then as well.


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Saturday: Limited availability, contact for details.

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